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All free features plus:

Custom links and editable email campaigns bring your brand front and center

  •   Custom referral links
  •   Multi-product referral links
  •   Customizable company page
  •   Influencer social profiles
  •   Automated email campaigns
  •   Promotional offer campaigns
  •   Customizable rewards
  •   Analytics & reporting
  •   Priority email support

  • (+15% processing fee for influencer payouts)


All basic features plus:

Customize communications, rewards, and assets for each influencer

  •   Unlimited influencers
  •   Influencer segmentation & groups
  •   Group specific rewards
  •   Group specific assets
  •   Group specific email & promotional offer campaigns
  •   Custom influencer agreements
  •   Product specific rewards
  •   Customizable analytics & reporting
  •   Dedicated success manager
  •   Program migration support
  •   Program launch support
  •   Priority phone support

(Set-up fee + 15% processing fee for influencer payouts)


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Launch your program

GrowSumo's onboarding adjusts to your customer's unique motivations, and helps them start promoting your brand


Invite your customers

Send your GrowSumo branded influencer page to your customers and let them opt into your program


Reward for performance

GrowSumo manages your program automatically, so you can focus on scaling your community and increasing sales

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Basic Plan

Everything you need to enhance your program

Custom Links

Put your brand first and customize your URLs to reflect your company

Custom Landing Page

Add some personality to your influencer program page by customizing it to suit your company and its brand

Automatic Drip Campaigns

Enhance GrowSumo's automatic drip campaigns and adjust them to match your brand and its specific program

custom plan

Improve SEO

GrowSumo's influencer links drive traffic to help build your brand's presence on the web

Easy Integration

Integrate directly with your payment gateway using our API or benefit from our Stripe and Recurly integrations

Simple Reward Management

Select one reward for your influencers, manage their success, and reward for performance

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Community Plan

Everything you need to fully customize and grow your program

Segment Influencers

Organize your influencers into groups and set unique rewards and communication for each segment

Customizable Rewards

Set different rewards for each group of influencers or set up multi-product links

Custom Assets

Fully customize your program and assets to suit your company. Upload unlimited assets

Full scale transitioning

Already have an influencer program? Let us fully transition your program for you

community plan

Dedicated Customer Support

Ensure your program is set up for success with your own dedicated support manager

Comprehensive Analytics

Receive monthly reports that breakdown influencer performance, generated sales, and more

Automatic Management Tools

Let GrowSumo's automatic management system engage, track, and reward your influencers

Full Customization

Unlock the ability to fully customize your program and take your campaign to the next level

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Enterprise Plan

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