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Reward your community of customers, affiliates, and everday peoplefor sending referrals and successfully promoting your brand

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Introducing GrowSumo

We help customers and everyday people identify their influence and guide them towards successfully promoting your business


Launch your program

Launch your program in minutes. Just claim your company page and let us onboard your customers and set them up for success


Customize your campaign

Take your campaign to the next level with customization. Create a unique URL for your company, create custom groups and reward them automatically


Scale your program

GrowSumo manages your program automatically, so you can focus on scaling your community and increasing sales

Cut out the complexity

Focus on the things that matter:simplicity, growth, and influencer success

Easy Integration

Integrate directly with your payment gateway using our API or benefit from our Stripe and Recurly integrations

Customizable Rewards

Align your rewards with your company's goals and incentivize your influencers for their activity

Pretested Campaigns

GrowSumo's campaign playbook teaches you the best ways to engage your influencers, automatically


Improve SEO

GrowSumo's influencer links drive traffic to help build your brand's presence on the web

Enter Niche Markets

Go beyond your traditional marketing reach and amplify your brand with each influencer's unique voice

Process Payouts

Review rewards and pay your influencers through GrowSumo in a single click

Influence isn't just about followers - it's driven by expertise, credibility, and relationships

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It's simple.
Make your customers care

Word of mouth marketing has never been more powerful. Not only does influencer marketing generate more than twice the sales of paid advertising, but those acquired through WOM have a 37% higher retention rate

  • Spark organic conversations
  • Create authentic connections with your customers
  • Reward your customers for performance
  • Build your brand organically, and at scale

Our Pricing Plans

Launching your campaign is always free - if you want to take your campaign to the next level, let's chat.

Free Trial

7 Days
These features:

Track referrals and pay your influencers

  •   GrowSumo referral links
  •   Influencer payouts
  •   Listing in GrowSumo marketplace
  •   Knowledge base support

(+15% processing fee for influencer payouts)


All free features plus:

Custom links and editable email campaigns bring your brand front and center

  •   Custom referral links
  •   Multi-product referral links
  •   Customizable company page
  •   Influencer social profiles
  •   Automated email campaigns
  •   Promotional offer campaigns
  •   Customizable rewards
  •   Analytics & reporting
  •   Priority email support

(+15% processing fee for influencer payouts)


All basic features plus:

Customize communications, rewards, and assets for each influencer

  •   Unlimited influencers
  •   Custom rewards for each group of influencers
  •   Influencer segmentation & groups
  •   Group specific rewards
  •   Group specific assets
  •   Group specific email & promotional offer campaigns
  •   Custom influencer agreements
  •   Product specific rewards
  •   Customizable analytics & reporting
  •   Dedicated success manager
  •   Program migration support
  •   Priority phone support

(Set-up fee + 15% processing fee for influencer payouts)

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